What is the Legatum - Sonus et Imago Repository?

The Legatum – Sonus et Imago Repository is constituted by a series of coordinated actions around an open, multilingual, collaborative, and specialized repository towards the collections to be represented, in order to gather and disseminate the archival audiovisual fonds/collections produced by or sponsored by public institutions from countries whose official languages are Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, Galician, Romanian, French and Italian. There are plans to develop actions oriented to the digital preservation of such an inserted informational content.

The gathering of these elements will enable a distinct view of this documentary production, allowing new knowledge efforts to be taken, in addition to ensuring the technological resources needed to provide access to those data for the users interested in freely consulting the contents shared by all the participant institutions.

The Legatum – Sonus et Imago Repository is a technical experience, in development by Legatum Initiative, which takes advantage of the recent technological innovations applied to permanent collections. It is based on a digital platform compatible to the international archival standards, in order to reach the objectives as they were meant to. It is also an initiative of reflection about information, culture, and representation, an empiric convergence that offers a product to the researcher, as a mean to access information about the documentation whose nature and features attend to the repository scope.